About Gracefolk Ministries

About Gracefolk Ministries

Gracefolk Ministries
exists to share
the goodness and grace
of God. 

Welcome! Gracefolk Ministries offers gospel-focused articles and resources designed to bless believers and unbelievers alike with the message of hope and eternal life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

I want you to become born again. I want you to know and understand the gospel so clearly you can easily share it with someone you love. 

Through the ministries of writing and prayer, may you be nourished here.

How to be saved

Gracefolk Ministries began with this question: whose gospel message would I entrust my son to?

I became a first-time mother at forty years old. I want all kinds of good things for my son, but of utmost importance is where he will spend eternity. As someone with first-hand experience of the loving mercy of God, the urgency I have for the simple, true gospel of our salvation magnified ten-fold when I held my son for the first time and experienced the tender and delicate days of new motherhood.

I write for my son. I write for all sons and daughters of mothers (and fathers) who pray for their children to hear and believe the truth of the gospel of our salvation. It is for all motherless children who need Jesus and whose mamas are no longer able or living to pray for them. 

I will share the gospel with my son every day that I can. But throughout his life, his father and I are not the only voices he will hear. In these days of woeful deception and shocking biblical illiteracy, whose evangelizing gospel message would I entrust the eternal life of my child to? As I listen to pastors and Bible teachers, and read Christian books, I carefully study how they present the gospel. And then I ask: if my son did exactly what they said to do to be saved, would I have confidence in his salvation?

Sadly, only a very few stand out. They have earned my confidence in the gospel message they present, which is clear, simple, and TRUE.

May God raise up more voices like these!

“Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.”—Mark 5:19b

I am a wife, a mama and a writer who deeply loves living souls and those aching for the mercy of God. I am no one special. But my God is great and mighty to save. I readily confess I do not know the answer to every doctrinal question either of us may have. But God has forgiven me of great wickedness and given me eternal life. He has blessed me with grace and mercy and given me a clear understanding of the gospel. Once I truly understood the gospel, I have never doubted my salvation once, not even a whisper of it in the dark of night. I know I am saved, and now I want the same for you. This is my prayer.
I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling.—1 Cor. 2:3